Quest Festival 2017
Ba Vi - Hanoi - Vietnam
Son Tinh Camp 3 (Quest)
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Quest’s story began with a group of friends heading to the pristine site of Son Tinh camp for a weekend escape. Fast-forward 4 years and it has grown to become the largest and most significant multi-day music festival in Vietnam, gathering international praise as we welcome thousands of revelers each year. Your journey will through one magical weekend, filled with frivolity, fun, learning, creativity and magic as you discover your very own Quest in a little piece of paradise.

Each year Quests presents an eclectic lineup of over 100 emerging local and international musical acts across 4 hand-crafted stages. From the Dome pumping out tasty underground beats, to the main stage showcasing the best bands Vietnam has to offer along with a range of international headliners, Quest Festival collaborates with other South-east Asian entities to bring something new and different every year. See our full lineup at

An integral part of the Quest experience is creating a full sensory experience. Everything from stage decor to installations, workshops and performances, the festival is an immersive environment celebrating freedom and creativity. We strongly encourage all participants to become an active participant in this by dressing in costume, Shifting from spectating to participation and being an integral part of the festival’s magic.

From humble beginnings, our little festival has grown each year, and in order to maintain the vibe, intimacy and authenticity that many of you have come to know and love, we are going to be keeping the festival to a modest capacity of just over 6,000 smiling faces.


Earlybird May 6th – June 1st
3 day: 1.100.000 | 3 day student: 1.000.000
3 day group (8 tix): 7.700.000
2 day (Saturday/Sunday): 1.000.000
1 day ( Sunday 9am – Close): 600.000 | Student: 600.000

Phase 2: June 2nd – August 1st
3 day: 1.300.000 | 3 day student: 1.000.000
3 day group (8 tix): 9.100.000
2 day (Saturday/Sunday): 1.100.000
1 day ( Sunday 9am – Close): 700.000 | Student: 600.000

Phase 3: August 2nd – October 2nd
3 day: 1.600.000 | 3 day student: 1.300.000
3 day group (8 tix): 11.200.000
2 day (Saturday/Sunday): 1.400.000
1 day ( Sunday 9am – Close): 800.000 | Student: 600.000

Phase 4: October 3rd – November 8th
3 day: 1.800.000 | 3 day student:1.450.000
3 day group (8 tix): 12.600.000
2 day (Saturday/Sunday): 1.600.000
1 day ( Sunday 9am – Close): 900.000 | Student: 600.000

Phase 5: Gate sales.
3 day: 2.500.000
2 day (Saturday/Sunday): 2.000.000
1 day ( Sunday 9am – Close): 1.000.000


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